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What is printmaking?

Printmaking is a fine art reproductive process with many variations that use aspects of drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and even photography. It involves creating a unique image on a repeatable surface (matrix), then obtaining multiple identical impressions from that surface. All levels of art experience are welcome in printmaking classes!

Physical demands: Ability to work at length with pencils, paint brushes, x-acto knives, plate-cutting tools and wiping-rags. Class may involve bending, repeated pulling or pushing objects (>5lbs), and/or turning cranks. Standing and/or moving around the room 30-45 minutes at a time (during inking and printing stages). Please contact us to discuss adjustments and modifications if needed.


Supplies: Sketchbook, apron/work shirt, latex/rubber dish gloves. Most other supplies included unless otherwise stated. 



Woodcut Relief Printmaking with Laken Bridges

Wednesdays 2/7-2/28 (4 Sessions) from 10:00AM-1:00PM


Minimum 3 students. Maximum 6 students

Appropriate for ages 16-adult

This class guides participants through the black and white woodcut process. All supplies included, but participants may choose to acquire their own woodcutting tools to use outside of class time.  Some art experience and understanding of line variation and composition is recommended. No prior knowledge of printmaking is required. Supplies included. Participants are expected to come to class with imagery and drawings to reference in developing their woodcut imagery. For stylist guidance, good “Black and White Woodcut” to see the graphic and bold nature of this process. Register 48 hours in advance.


Digital & Digitized Fabric Design with Laken Bridges

Sunday 2/11 & 2/18  from 9:00AM-12:00PM


Minimum 2 students. Maximum 10 students.

Appropriate for ages 16-adult.

Jumpstart your Sundays! This workshop provides an introduction to ink/watercolor as well as Photoshop and drawing tablets. Participants will be guided through steps to create unique designs on paper and on screen to be printed on fabric using Attendees are encouraged to bring sketches and other reference material as inspiration for their designs. Time permitting, students will also receive an introduction to Canva, a free design platform that can be used with fabric print design. Register one week in advance.


Found Plate Printmaking with  Laken Bridges

Saturday, 3/23/24 from 2:00PM-5:00PM


Minimum 2, Maximum 6 participants.

What on earth is printmaking? Soon the veil will be lifted, light cast into the darkness, mystery solved! In this one day workshop, participants will learn several printing methods using found matrices such as pre-carved linoleum or wood, pre-etched copper plates, and more. Eliminate the stress of creating your own unique images, and jump right into inking and printing. Processes addressed may include: collagraph, linocut, woodcut, etching, and drypoint. Supplies included. Register 48 hours in advance.


Stencil Monotypes with Laken Bridges

Saturday, 3/23/24 from 10:00AM-1:00PM


Minimum 2 students. Maximum 6 students.

Appropriate for ages 16-adult.

Learn how to layer color and create unique imagery using monotype printmaking techniques. This workshop is beginner friendly – even those who “can’t draw a stick figure”. You’ll be amazed by your results. If you love color, shape, and layering in art, this might be the workshop for you. Supplies provided.  Register 48 hours in advance.


Drypoint & Laser-Engraved Printmaking with Laken Bridges

Wednesdays 4/10-5/1 (4 sessions) from 2:00PM-5:00PM


Minimum 3 students. Maximum 6 students

This class will focus on line drawing and its translation to drypoint and (laser) engraved plates. Participants will learn inking and printing techniques to combine and layer imagery, resulting in unique fine art prints. Some art experience is recommended, but not required. No prior knowledge of printmaking is required. Students are expected to come prepared with line-based drawing (no color/shading) and images for inspiration. We will work with 5×7” plates. Supplies included. Register 1 week in advance.