VanGogh Outreach

Since 1998, WKMA’s award-winning VanGogh Outreach program has provided SOL-based programming to assist classroom teachers in bringing their curriculum to life. By presenting material in multiple ways, the program works as an introduction to or reinforcement of classroom content that is accessible to a variety of learning styles. Each visit includes a process-based art project, designed to allow students to explore their creativity, make decisions, and connect the content of the lesson with an artistic process or work of art. This approach to art-making helps students build confidence as well as analytical thinking and problem solving skills, all of which contributes to their success across the curriculum.

How It Works

  • Our team of Outreach instructors visits over 4,200 second and third grade students in Southwest Virginia three times a year.
  • Each visit gives students the opportunity to engage creatively with a key element of their SOL curriculum. Second grade students focus on Native America with lessons on the Eastern Woodlands, the Plains, and the Southwest. Third grade instruction centers on the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, China, and Mali.
  • Every 1.5 hour lesson includes a 30-minute lecture and an hour-long art project, allowing students to connect with and think about the material they are learning in a new way.

If you are interested in learning more about the VanGogh Outreach program and how to bring it to your school, contact Kelsie Christian at or call (276) 628-5005 ext. 112.

VanGogh Sponsorship

Friends of VanGogh

Generous funding for VanGogh is provided by:

The Slemp Foundation

BF Foundation

Community Foundation of the Virginias

The Thompson Charitable Foundation

Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation Trust

…and many individual donors.


A donation to VanGogh Outreach will make an immediate and meaningful impact on the children of our region.

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