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Create your own WKMA Legacy!

William King Museum of Art’s campus is being renovated. First came the new Art Lab, and now the 20+ acre campus is being turned into a community park to promote healthy lifestyles for all ages.

Given the extraordinary connection that most everyone has with this iconic place, WKMA is encouraging donors to associate their names (or those they wish to honor or remember) with our Brick Welcome Mats which will be located right below the front steps of the museum. Brick pavers can be inscribed with names and memories in exchange for a gift to WKMA. What a wonderful way to associate your name with a special place in an enduring manner. Or, perhaps, you may wish to remember a favorite teacher, grandchildren, or a family name that has seen multiple generations that attended school or have been part of WKMA’s history.  Bricks may also carry the names of organizations and businesses. Consider the possibilities!


Leave a Memory!

For donations of $100 or $250, WKMA offers the option to inscribe a name and/or message on a brick paver as described here.

• $100 4×8 clay brick-3 lines of copy, max 18 characters per line
• $250 8×8 clay brick-6 line
s of copy, max 18 characters per line


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