Note from Our Director

A Call to Action

May 7, 2020

Dear Friends of WKMA,

More than a month has passed since the COVID-19 crisis closed our doors like so many other museums across the country, and uncertainty is still a reality. Our staff, who is like an extended family, joins me in hoping you and yours are continuing to be safe and well. As soon as it is determined to safely re-open, we will do so.

During the past month, we have utilized technology to share our museum with you virtually. I hope you have seen our videos, classes, and tours…all online. Our staff is collaborating in new and special ways. A unique outdoor exhibit opened recently that encompasses our entire campus. You can see it online or actually enjoy it from your car or on foot. Quite a few people have already done so, to our great pleasure.  It’s free for all to enjoy.

Particularly during this time of crisis, I have seen countless instances of people turning to the arts for comfort, for self-expression, for inspiration, and for an escape. It has been inspiring to see so many creative talents and institutions (including WKMA) answer this call, finding new ways to engage with the public through lessons, tours, demonstrations, and more. It is during moments of darkness such as this that people turn to the arts in search of light and hope.

As we navigate this shifting landscape together, my focus for the Museum becomes sustainability. The Museum’s positive impact on the community has been felt by so many and we hope to continue this tradition well into the future. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the coming months, which is already having a profound impact on nonprofits, including arts organizations like WKMA. In this unpredictable time, we need your support more than ever. If you are able, we hope that you will consider a donation today to help sustain us now and to secure our role in our community in the years ahead.

On behalf of all of us associated with WKMA, take good care of yourselves. This will be over and we will welcome you back to the museum. There is a lot to look forward to in the coming months, including new exhibitions and classes, as well as the exciting grand opening of Art Lab on our campus.

It is with my sincerest regards that I wish us all well.

Betsy K. White
Director, William King Museum of Art

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