Homeschool Art Classes


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This series of youth art classes is designed to provide homeschooling students with affordable, quality, and fun arts education. Classes will meet once a week on Wednesdays from September through April. All classes can be taken individually but, when taken consecutively, provide a complete curriculum of fine arts knowledge and techniques. Students who participate in any Homeschool Art classes have the option to submit work to the Homeschool Art Student Exhibition that will be on display in the children’s wing of the museum in May. 

The registration fee is $10 per class.* All supplies are included. 

Due to the demand for the program, we are going to cap the registration at 15 students per class to ensure that all students are getting the time and attention that they deserve, and to guarantee that our classrooms can provide the necessary space. The 7-9 age group will be capped at 10 students to meet their current needs. 


Please include your child’s name and age in the notes when you register to ensure that we can hold a spot for them in the appropriate class

Class Times: 

9:30–11 AM: ages 10–13 

11 AM–12:30 PM: ages 14–16+

2–3:30 PM: ages 7–9 

Each week, all three classes have the same core concept, but projects are adjusted for each age group. 

This year classes are designed in pairs for ages 10-16+, so that each art project is spread across two classes to offer the students more time in class to work on their project, and more opportunity to reach their unique artistic goals with each new topic. Although classes are offered in pairs this year, students can choose to attend just one class if desired and have the option to finish the rest at home. The 7-9 age range will continue to have a new art project in each class to meet their current developmental needs.

If children are below the eligible age range for the class they have registered for we reserve the right to omit them from the class without a refund. Older children and older siblings are welcome to join a lower age group if necessary.


Class Dates and Descriptions: 

Classes begin on September 13th and end on April 24th 

Projects in the first semester (September-December) will be based on the fundamentals of art

Projects in the second semester (January-April) will be based on combining everything that we learned in the first semester with mixed media and sculpture


April 3rd: Book Nooks

Topic: Mixed media sculpture

7-16+ project: Book nooks are small, themed miniature worlds that tell a story or display a particular theme all within the confines of a space meant to fit within a bookshelf. During this project we will explore what it is like to create detailed objects on a small scale while practicing a variety of sculptural techniques including carving, shaping, and molding. 


April 10th: Book Nooks Continued / Mini Dioramas

Topic: Mixed media sculpture

10-16+ project: Students will be continuing their book nooks this week and adding any final touches.

7-9 project: During this project we will be taking a step further from our book nooks to create mini dioramas that are meant to be viewed from all sides. These mini dioramas will be created within a small lidded box with scenes of the students choosing. 


April 17th: Layered Plexiglass Painting / Plexiglass Suncatchers

Topic: Mixed media

10-16+ project: For our final project this year we will be creating a layered painting with alcohol ink and acrylic paint on plexiglass. By layering the different mediums on the front and back of the plexiglass it gives this project a special sense of depth and encourages the students to think about space within their compositions. During our process we will be reviewing everything that we have learned throughout the year such as perspective, space, movement, texture, color theory, and sculpture.

7-9 project: These students will be sharing the same fundamental goals as the older students, but will instead be applying their skills towards creating plexiglass suncatchers. This project will get students thinking specifically about how light and shadow can be implemented into their artwork. 


April 24th: Layered Plexiglass Painting Continued / Mixed Media Jewelry Making

Topic: Mixed media

10-16+ project: Students will be continuing their plexiglass paintings this week and adding any final touches. This will be the last day to turn in artwork for the student art show!

7-9 project: These students will be putting together all that we have learned while making mixed media jewelry. For this project students will design pendants and charms for their jewelry out of a variety of different objects and mediums while thinking about the topics that we have covered this year. This will be the last day to turn in artwork for the student art show!