Exhibits Archive: 2010

An Educated Woman

Art is interlaced in the history of women’s education. Academies used it to refine girls into ladies, and colleges instructed women in it for beautifying their future homes. An Educated Woman salutes the artistic endeavors of the women students of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee and showcases ...

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Cohabitants: New Works by Heide Trepanier & David Mazure

Heide Trepanier and David Mazure go beyond reflecting their immediate external world by drawing from some inaccessible and otherworldly place. Trepanier paints with gestural and unpredictable splatters atop a seemingly infinite color field while Mazure draws with painstaking precision whirring and rolling forms, often directly onto the walls. Together, their large-scale works and immersive installations will ...

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The Subject of Being: Mixed Media Works by Megan Van Deusen & Gabriel Shaffer

Megan van Deusen’s subtle, almost monochromatic figures evocatively emerge from the creases and folds of the material she works on. Her figures are suggestive of academic life-drawing, but the process of layering and draping the fabrics transforms a traditional two-dimensional work into a sculptural installation. Similarly, Gabriel Shaffer’s paintings on salvaged materials and collage ...

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Thinking Postmodern: Selections from the Radford University Art Museum

The Radford University Art Museum houses a diverse collection of works by nationally and internationally recognized artists alongside lesser known artists from our region. Many of these artists produced work toward the end of the Modern Era and during what is now known as Postmodernism. This exhibition celebrates and fosters appreciation for the more inconspicuous movements ...

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To Transgress: Paintings by Betty Clark

The artist Betty Clark’s paintings are steeped in the rich traditions of the abstract expressionists and are motivated by the desire to find a balance in a disharmonious world. Many of her themes often relate to modern day political and psychological unrest. Her somber gray glazes produce a melancholy haze from which her spirited marks ...

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Mischief Making: Contemporary Craftsman Jake Cress

Jake Cress views himself not as a studio craft artist or a sculptor, but as a cabinetmaker, a descendant of the very craftsmen whom the Cultural Heritage Project documents and honors. The Fincastle, Virginia artisan’s work ranges from the traditional to his more well-known “animated” works – chairs that carve their own arms, clocks that swat ...

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Goya, Dali, Warhol: Masterpieces of World Art from The VMFA

In partnership with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and a statewide celebration of their 75 Years of Collecting in Virginia, William King Museum is honored to host this exhibition of works from nearly every continent and time period. Works by the signature artists include some of Francisco Goya’s prints, such as ...

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Paper Forest: An Installation by Travis Graves and Jackson Martin

Travis Graves and Jackson Martin (Johnson City, TN) create multi-media installations with materials ranging from dirt and plants to steel and video. These disparate materials together incite a dialogue regarding our human footprint and its effect on the environment. Their installations tend to cross many genres by fusing Modernist sculpture, Earthworks, video and behind-the-scenes performance in ...

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Visions of Paradise: Paintings by Rob Vander Zee Inspired by Travels to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Virginia based painter Rob Vander Zee creates enchanted, fantastic worlds brimming with imagined plant life and mutant creatures. This ongoing series Visions of Paradise evolved from earlier explorations of the landscape and figure, and was initially inspired by his travels in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands ...

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Hazel Larsen Archer: Black Mountain College Photographer

When Hazel Larsen arrived at Black Mountain College for the 1944 Summer Institute, the college was host to gifted artists in many disciplines. Under the influence of her mentor, Josef Albers, the young photographer developed a visual aesthetic power and sensitivity. She stayed at the college for nine years, first as a student and then as a ...

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