The Subject of Being: Mixed Media Works by Megan Van Deusen & Gabriel Shaffer

May 14, 2010 - October 03, 2010

United Company Contemporary Regional Art Gallery

Exhibit Details

Megan van Deusen’s subtle, almost monochromatic figures evocatively emerge from the creases and folds of the material she works on. Her figures are suggestive of academic life-drawing, but the process of layering and draping the fabrics transforms a traditional two-dimensional work into a sculptural installation. Similarly, Gabriel Shaffer’s paintings on salvaged materials and collage emphasize the object-hood of his work as well as the journeyed process in which they are created. His figures are graphic, brightly colored and display wild and boisterous personas. While aesthetically dissimilar, both artists share an affinity for experimentation and the ability to defy conventional views of figuration.