To Transgress: Paintings by Betty Clark

October 22, 2010 - April 03, 2011

United Company Contemporary Regional Art Gallery

Exhibit Details

The artist Betty Clark’s paintings are steeped in the rich traditions of the abstract expressionists and are motivated by the desire to find a balance in a disharmonious world. Many of her themes often relate to modern day political and psychological unrest. Her somber gray glazes produce a melancholy haze from which her spirited marks emerge. The frenzied swarms of line and color are indicative of the aggravated hands of their maker. The descriptive titles make clear her trouble with our transgressions and explorations. Yet despite her cynicism, Clark imbues her work with fragility and beauty to reflect on the ephemeral nature of our being with anticipation for renewal.

Betty Clark’s abstract paintings are exhibited in group shows throughout the southeast, and she has had numerous solo exhibitions including the Asheville Art Museum in Asheville, NC and the Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta, GA. Clark is the recipient of several grants, and her work is in collections both corporate and private throughout the United States, France, and Sweden. Clark’s studio is located in the Riverside Business Park, Woodfin, NC.