Exhibits Archive: 2020

Elaine Fleck: Textures Interwoven

Textures Interwoven presents a selection of paintings that merges fabrics and oils into a unique representation of the natural world and how humans have an integral place in it. Part whimsical, part mystical, the paintings transport the viewer to a world beyond objects; a world of natural motifs and complex ...

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Superabundance: The Legacy of Laura Lu Copenhaver

Designated as a Virginia Woman in History in 2007 by the Virginia Library, Laura Lu Copenhaver is an example of industrious ingenuity. From working with the Virginia Farm Bureau to founding Rosemont Industries, Laura Copenhaver and her legacy bolstered the economy of Southwest Virginia for almost 100 years. This exhibition honors her accomplishments by highlighting the furniture and textiles of Rosemont ...

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D.R. Mullins: One Man Group Show

For a virtual tour click here. William King Museum of Art is delighted to organized the first retrospective of this respected and influential artists’ work, the largest showcase of his art ever mounted by an art institution. This exhibition brings together Mullins’ paintings, sculpture, early ...

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Quilt National

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, Quilt National returns to the William King Museum of Art. An international juried exhibition of contemporary quilts, this biennial seeks to demonstrate the transformations taking place in the world of quilting. Its purpose in 1979 was, and still is, to carry the definition of quilting far beyond its traditional parameters and to promote ...

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The Alchemy of Light

When Michelle Gagliano cast aside all toxic materials from her artistic practice in 2018, her work took on another layer of meaning. Gagliano uses natural pigments, oils, and solvents based in nuts, lavender, and handmade gessoes. Her dedication to the arts is synonymous with her dedication to the natural environment. Not only does Gagliano’s artistic practice echo the respect ...

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Animal Instinct by John Hilton

John Hilton’s work often portrays personal, and at times uncomfortable, subject matter. He finds it difficult to narrow down one unifying theme in the work as it addresses myriad subjects simultaneously. He is often asked by others, “what does this work mean?” and sometimes he answers simply “I don’t know, yet.” Many times the work is ...

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Transforming Politics

As we celebrate the centennial of women’s suffrage, we celebrate a women-led movement that sparked a transformation of politics around the world. The suffragettes used their artistic skills, creativity and resourcefulness in order to make history and, although some political affairs have changed, the passionate interests of women have not. Women continue to make their ...

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Head Over Heels

  From the collection of Mary Jane Miller comes a sensational show of shoes. Head Over Heels chronicles decades of high fashion through footwear and includes designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Stuart Weitzman, Dolce & Gabbana, and Manolo Blahnik. With rare examples of Roberta di Camerino and Rayne, Head Over Heels presents ...

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Looking Back

From a waterfall tumbling down Toole’s Creek to a misty morning on an early Abingdon Main Street to the dormered cottage that was the original Johnston Memorial Hospital, Looking Back: Photography of Early Washington County, Virginia, takes us through a storyline of history that includes the places, people, and events that made up the culture of ...

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Soma and Psyche: Paintings by Charles T. Jones

Painting is only one of many ways that seeks to make sense of the why’s, wherefore’s, and what-now’s of life, this situation in which we all find ourselves. We naturally ponder, probe, observe, and ask our questions hoping to find guidance. Most often, the answers we get, like those of the ancient Oracle, are not as ...

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