D.R. Mullins: One Man Group Show

February 26, 2020 - August 02, 2020

United Company Contemporary Regional Art Gallery

Artist Information

D.R. Mullins is truly a man of infinite variety. A pillar of the arts community of Southwest Virginia, his long career as an artist has touched many aspects of the creative culture of the region, from his murals adorning prominent buildings to his mentorship of a new generation of Abingdon artists. Heavily influenced by his own mentor, Southwest Virginia philosopher-artist Fred Carter, Mullins’ works are as varied as the artist’s ideas, skills, and opinions. His art, ranging from sculptures to paintings, are all made up of intricate visual musings of line and symmetry, anchored in Appalachian imagery, Buddhist philosophy, and Mullins’ own often witty, always pointed critiques of the human condition.


Exhibit Details

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William King Museum of Art is delighted to organized the first retrospective of this respected and influential artists’ work, the largest showcase of his art ever mounted by an art institution. This exhibition brings together Mullins’ paintings, sculpture, early commercial work, and a new series of paintings to explore the development of his distinctive style and worldview and to showcase the next chapter in his storied career.


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