Exhibits Archive: 2005

An American Perspective: Paintings from the New World, 1820-1930

Explore the European roots of early American art through an investigation of landscapes, marine paintings and portraits. Featuring works by some of America’s finest painters, this exhibition will reveal how visual images of the period helped shape a national identity.

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Skewed: Works by Andrew Baxter and Steve Bickley

Steve Bickley and Andrew Baxter navigate between the boundaries that define sculpture and painting. Their works defy either classification and yet beautifully unify both. While both work in metal – Baxter uses bronze, one of the earliest metals applied to sculpture, and Bickley uses steel, the metal of the moderns – their sculptures hang on the wall as ...

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Wish You Were Here: Postcards from the Blue Ridge & Riding the Lee Highway: Route 11 in Postcards

Since the late 1800s, travelers to the Blue Ridge Mountains have been sending postcards of everything from gigantic apples to town squares. This photographic legacy offers a unique view of western Virginia architecture, commerce, and scenic vistas. The Blue Ridge Institute and Museum created Wish You Were Here and Riding the Lee Highway, bringing together half ...

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Touch Me I’m Sick: Rock ‘n’ Roll Photographs by Charles Peterson

Touch Me I’m Sick features such bands as Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Hole, Black Flag, Fugazi, and Sonic Youth, among others. Like his recent book of the same name (taken from a Mudhoney songs), Touch Me I’m Sick

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From These Hills 2005: Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands

William King Regional Arts Center continues to celebrate the diversity of regional artistic talent with its biennial exhibition, From These Hills: Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands, a major exhibition of new works by artists working in all media in Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, ...

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Legacy in Clay: Pottery of Washington County, Virginia

The story of 18th and 19th century potteries in Washington County relates to a larger legacy stretching from Europe to Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Families carried their pottery traditions to southwest Virginia, influencing each other. As potters trained, married, and relocated, they maintained certain aspects of established pottery production while developing new techniques. Potters pulled native ...

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Sherwood Anderson and the American Modernists

This exhibition explores Anderson (1876-1941) and his connection to artists of the American scene during the 1920’s and 1930’s. It will measure the influence of modern American art on Anderson’s work and, in turn, his influence upon the artists with whom he associated and whose works he collected. This exhibit will include letters, biographical overviews, ...

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Second Nature: The Art of Suzanne Stryk

This solo exhibition will feature one of Southwest Virginia’s most prolific and longstanding artists. As an observer of nature, Stryk has focused on not only the physical and reality of nature, but also on how an artist conceptually communicates that reality.

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Mountain Handiwork: The American Craft Revival in Virginia

America in the 1930s provided the perfect climate for change – in society, in industry and in art. In Southwest Virginia, the American Craft Revival encouraged work associated with the handicraft tradition: woven coverlets and quilts, hooked rugs, pottery, cornhusk dolls, and furniture. The Federal Arts Project Center in Big Stone Gap, Laura Copenhaver Industries, Cedar Bluff ...

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That Moment and This Moment: Installations by Marya Roland and Sayaka Suzuki

This exhibition brings together two innovative installation artists whose works explore the concept of time and express temporal themes.   Marya Roland’s creation Ephyrian Circle approaches these themes via her use of the subject of the myth ...

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