Wish You Were Here: Postcards from the Blue Ridge & Riding the Lee Highway: Route 11 in Postcards

May 07, 2005 - July 10, 2005

Price-Strongwell Cultural Heritage Galleries

Exhibit Details

Since the late 1800s, travelers to the Blue Ridge Mountains have been sending postcards of everything from gigantic apples to town squares. This photographic legacy offers a unique view of western Virginia architecture, commerce, and scenic vistas. The Blue Ridge Institute and Museum created Wish You Were Here and Riding the Lee Highway, bringing together half a century of regional postcard images from the 1900s. These exhibitions create a window to the eastern Virginia’s past, drawing from dozens of private postcard collections that feature images rarely seen by the general public today. “Antique postcards take us back to the era before motel chains and fast food. Traveling by car was an adventure them,” said Roddy Moore, Director of the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum.