Up to 60 students/$10 per student

WKMA’s most popular and most customizable tour option, Tour Plus offers a guided tour of all the Museum’s galleries followed by a hands-on art activity focusing on a selected topic. Tour Plus can be tailored to suit students of any age, Pre-K through 12th grade.

Art projects can be designed around a current exhibition, a chosen topic of study, or one of the following: 

  • West African/Ancient Mali Storytelling Tradition– Chiwara Head Dress
  • Antelope Chiwara teaches about planting crops and responsibility to community.
  • Ancient Greek Culture– Red-Figure Vase Scratch Drawing
  • An updated red-figure vase compared our modern culture to that of the Ancient Greeks.
  • Portrait Detectives– Living Portrait
  • Students read and interpret clues about a famous American and tell their story using visual language.
  • Exhibit Explorers– Enhancing the Museum Experience
  • Students unlock the world of art through gallery discussions and engaging hands-on activities

For more information or to schedule your field trip, contact Amesha Whitt at or 276.628.5005 ext. 112, or fill out the form below.

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