Virginia 360° Photographs by Thomas R. Schiff

December 19, 2016 - March 12, 2017

United-LeGard Galleries

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Virginia 360° Photographs by Thomas Schiff  is an exhibition of 40 panoramic photographs of well-known sites across Virginia on loan from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Using a Hulcherama 360 panoramic camera – manufactured in Hampton, Virginia – Schiff seeks to immerse the viewer in Virginia’s visually rich and exceptional historical built environments, arising from beautiful natural environments. Thomas Schiff, from the accompanying publication:


“Virginia is an ideal subject for the photographer… the pictures in this volume reflect the simplicity and symmetry of the neoclassical architecture of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, the University of Virginia Academical Village, and the Virginia State Capitol. The marvelous cities of Richmond, Charlottesville, and Williamsburg, which add luster to any pictorial document of this resplendent state, boast many fine edifices that are as glorious as the urban environments they occupy. And the rural presidential retreats of Monticello and Mount Vernon complement the beauty of Virginia’s misty highlands and its green and golden valleys.”


Schiff, an accomplished photographer, has been intrigued by panoramic images for more than twenty years. An Ohio native, Panoramic Ohio (2003) was Schiff’s first publication to feature a state as its subject – Virginia 360° is the second, and Schiff’s eighth panoramic photography book.



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