UNShelved: Nick DeFord, Daniel Essig, Travis Head, and Robyn Raines

June 07, 2013 - September 29, 2013

United Company Contemporary Regional Art Gallery

Exhibit Details

From all corners of the region, the artists selected for this exhibition together reveal an interest in text-based images, seeing books as art objects, and working with paper in both traditional and alternative ways. In many ways these artists are also astute collectors -of images, publications, stories, and things – which also serve to inform their work. Nick DeFord (Knoxville, Tennessee) collects maps, mixes art supplies with office supplies, and often references art history, popular culture and places known for mysterious events. DeFord explores how information is mediated through society, and how this can relate to what is known and unknown about our universe.


Daniel Essig (Asheville, North Carolina) sees books as prized possessions and creates original books using found objects and ancient binding techniques. At times, his books become sculptural, so much so that a large scale sculpture might serve as a reliquary for a miniature book tucked away in the most unlikely place. Travis Head (Blacksburg, Virginia) uses his sketchbooks as a journal and documents events from his life through notes and drawings. Often meticulously crafted, his drawings demonstrate a desire to capture memories on paper and pay tribute to these memories through each intricate detail. Robyn Raines (Cedar Bluff, Virginia) collects vintage books and magazines as well as makes books on her own. In her projects, paper will be sewn like fabric, books can be carved like sculpture, and pages torn from a book might support a clever statement regarding one’s domestic versus professional life.