Pillars of Bohemia: Mullins, Houser, and Crookshank

June 26, 2009 - October 01, 2009

United Company Contemporary Regional Art Gallery

Exhibit Details

It is no secret that the bohemian counterculture remains prevalent, if not completely dominating, in contemporary American art. Our local art scene is certainly not immune and this exhibition serves to pay homage to three of our most bohemian of native artists. Shawn Crookshank, Richard Houser, and D.R. Mullins have more than solidified their presence within the Abingdon circuit of eccentric minds, shifted perspective, and colossal talent. Although each artist pulls from vastly different inspirations, their artworks have come to collectively define that bohemian pocket of untamed Abingdon in a most striking way. To know these three artists and to understand their place is to be finely tuned to an Abingdon often unknown by outsiders.