Of Earth & Mind: Contemporary Ceramic Styles of the Region

November 17, 2006 - April 08, 2007

United Company Contemporary Regional Art Gallery

Exhibit Details

This exhibition examines the work of six regional ceramicists, Hank Goodman, Silvie Granatelli, George Handy, Richard Hensley, Donna Polseno, and Ellen Shankin, who have made their individual marks on the ceramic movement and are all prime examples of the contemporary ceramicist. Tradition conscious, yet highly attuned to the inherent evolution of ceramic aesthetics and styles, these artists work with natural clay in ways that prize both form and function. Their wares are not merely for observation, nor do they serve an exclusive functional role, but they exist in that medial fulcrum of the modern definition of fine art. For this reason, these artists perpetuate an artistic binary through their work that characterizes a relationship between the earth and the mind.