Artists From the Beverley Street Studio School

August 29, 2003 - January 04, 2004

United Company Contemporary Regional Art Gallery

Exhibit Details

Paintings, drawings and prints by 19 faculty and student artists working in the Beverley Street Studio School.


Located in Staunton, Virginia, the Beverley Street Studio School is not in the high school sense; the term “school” here does not apply to a physical structure. Nor is it a school in the art school senses, where students enroll into a course of study and proceed after graduation into their careers. The Beverley Street Studio School is a complex environment and it calls out for a description beyond that of an art school or an artists’ co-op. This is a school in the big philosophical sense, i.e. East Coast, West Coast, or School of Athens. More specifically and meaningfully, it is a “body of persons that are…united by a general similarity of principles and methods.” The term also “denotes in the first place those whose training was obtained in the same locality; but in the main this local association is understood to imply more or less community of doctrines or style.”