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Iron Design

Marc Maiorana Studio was founded in 2002 by Greenfield, MA native, blacksmith, and designer Marc Maiorana. Now based in Abingdon, VA, Maiorana operates both his studio, which deals in custom metalwork, and Iron Design Company, founded in 2008 to handle the metalworker’s modern designs on a more commercial scale, out of a refurbished dairy barn. This exhibit ...

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Home: One Family, 200 Years of History

In 1859, David Droke built a farmhouse in Piney Flats, Tennessee as part of his carpentry apprenticeship. From that time onward, the house and its history have been passed down from generation to generation of Droke children who have lived in the house, worked the land, and remembered and added to the story of their family. This ...

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Connoisseur: Private Collecting in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee

Connoisseur: “A discerning judge of the best in any field; A person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments in art, particularly one of the fine arts.”   A connoisseur is one who has developed an acute perception about a particular style or genre of art, one ...

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From These Hills: Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands

From These Hills: Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands is one of William King Museum of Art’s longest standing traditions. First held in 1993, this biennial is unique in its geographical scope and the number of important artists it has exhibited who live and work in ...

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Dressed by Design

Giorgio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Fran Keuling-Stout – three “haute couture” fashion designers and one woman who was their customer bring the world of fashion to William King Museum of Art.  The couturier takes the occupation of designing clothes to an art form. Only a few of their customers possess the personal flair that takes ...

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Coal Country

Many towns in southern Appalachia were built on the back of coal. Generations of miners tunneled their way into the mountainsides of the region, digging ever deeper in search of those rich seams of shining black running through the rock. Wherever those deposits were found, communities sprang up around them, built by the companies that owned ...

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Notes on the State of Virginia

For more than 25 years,  Suzanne Stryk has recorded her experiences with nature in sketchbooks that are both journals of walks near her Bristol, Virginia, home and scientific documents of the flora and fauna she observes. These pages have served as foundations for hundreds of mixed-media works that blend the natural history of a place with Stryk’...

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Touching the Sacred

Touching the Sacred focuses on imagery from two branches of Christianity – the Orthodox and the Catholic – spanning geographical regions from Russia to Ethiopia to central Mexico. These gloriously creative representations of Biblical characters began as a teaching device for the believers, many of whom were unable to read. The narratives ...

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Fred Carter: Primitive Things of Toil and Love

Born in Duffield, Virginia, in 1911, Fred Carter grew up in the rugged coal country of Wise County, moving first to Norton as a boy and later to Clintwood, where he lived out the remainder of his life. Growing up inundated by news of the Great Depression and the Harlan County Miner’s Strike had a profound ...

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Let Him Speak First

Elizabeth Alexander manipulates discarded decorative materials, such as wallpaper and porcelain tableware, to create works that address cultural perceptions of homemaking and beautification. In this exhibition, Alexander explores these themes through repetitive methods of deconstruction and reconstruction. The phrase “Let him speak first” comes from a vintage collection of etiquette instructions for new wives and addresses ...

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