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Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find: the Comic Art Collection of Shelton Drum

Shelton Drum, owner of the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find comic book store and founder of the renowned annual Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, brings William King Museum of Art a vast array of original comic book art from his private collection. With the help of Neil Bramlette, founder of Bristol’s Out of Step Arts Collective, ...

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This exhibition parallels two architectural research projects: Tyler King’s Richmond-based initiative, from which the exhibit takes its title, and Vivian Coletti’s extensive documentation of Washington County. There/Here began in 2011 with a grant from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts to explore the past, present, and future of forty vacant buildings in downtown ...

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An American Turning Point: The Civil War in Virginia

From 1861 through 1865 Virginia stood at the center of a military and social revolution. How we define freedom, liberty, patriotism, and nation today is directly related to the diverse experiences of the individuals who participated in the war. This exhibition encourages visitors to consider how a single event, separated from us by 150 years, so fundamentally reshaped American society that its ...

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Mapping the Cosmos: Jan Hurt and a Constellation of Artists

William King Museum of Art is proud to host this multi-media exhibition modeled after Jan Hurt’s many collaborative exhibitions from far and recent past- in particular the Tarot Card Art exhibition held at the Starving Artist Café in the late 1990s. Mapping the Cosmos began with thirteen hand-selected artists from the region who then asked one other artist ...

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The Proud and the Profane: The Colorful Life, Literature, and Illustrations of Lucy Herndon Crockett

Lucy Herndon Crockett was born April 4, 1914 in Honolulu, Hawaii and passed away near her Seven Mile Ford, Virginia home on July 30, 2002. Her father, an aid to Theodore Roosevelt, provided for art lessons in New York lending to her talents as an illustrator and designer. Her service as an American Red Cross worker in the South Pacific during World War ...

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Fortune, Courage, Love: Arts of Africa’s Akan and Kuba Kingdoms

Organized by William King Museum of Art Curator Leila Cartier, in collaboration with Richard B. Woodward, Curator of African Art the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, this exhibition highlights the spectacular arts of African royalty. Linking history, statesmanship, and tradition, this exhibition will focus on the extraordinary design of regalia and related arts of the Kuba kingdom in the ...

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Into the Green

“We all crave story, a narrative that will see us safely through the dark forest of our lives. We know that we will confront dragons there as well as evil witches, greedy kings and a very few kindly helpers. We know that if we can only win through to the other side of that wood then we will come ...

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Backcountry Makers: An Artisan History of SWVA and NETN

Abingdon’s own scholar, Betsy K. White, brings to life the material-culture heritage of southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee in her recent publication Backcountry Makers: An Artisan History of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. This exhibition will include biographical sketches sampled from the seventy-five makers included in the book —potters, weavers, spinners, quilters, embroiderers, cabinetmakers, metalsmiths, clocksmiths, gunsmiths, and ...

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Schools of Thought: Paintings and Drawings from the King University Museum of Fine Arts

In December 2003, King University Trustee Neal Caldwell and wife Alice (Morrow) Caldwell (’51) presented King with a group of works from their personal art collection. Since that time, the University has continued to receive gifts from the Caldwells, forming an impressive collection that now features more than 360 original pieces of art and 65 artifacts spanning centuries, genres and media. These original ...

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Roadside Attractions: The Weird and Wonderful Worlds of Mark Cline

For over thirty years, Waynesboro native Mark Cline has covered commonwealth and country with a vast array of delightful, fantastic, and (occasionally) horrific creatures. From alien, ghost, and pirate attractions to Broadway plays, museums, and national television, Cline’s creations have captivated a worldwide audience. Roadside Attractions:The Weird and Wonderful Worlds of Mark Cline explores the life and ...

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