Exhibits Archive: 2007

Formed From Nature: Early Twig Furniture by Regional 20th-Century Artists

This exhibition will explore twig furniture made in the Appalachian mountains of Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, West North Carolina, and West Virginia in the early 20th century. Artisans created twig furniture from mountain laurel, hickory, and burled woods. They twisted, notched, and painted the natural material to make forms such as clocks, chairs, tables, and doll ...

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Rossini’s Rome: The Recordings of a Neoclassical Etcher

This exhibit will showcase a series of etchings by the 19th century Italian artist Luigi Rossini. Formally educated as both an etcher and architect, Rossini compiled this group of etchings between 1819 and 1823. The series beautifully represents his mastering of both etching and architectural draftsmanship as he recorded the excavation of Roman ruins. Views of sites throughout ...

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Inside the Outsider

Inside the Outsider showcases the work of two regional artists whose work categorizes them as being outsiders: Abingdon native Ollie Cox and Richard Bay from Radford, Va. “Outsider” artists, classified by their abilities to exist beyond the scope of inclusive artistic traditions, are most noted by their unorthodox styles and how they ...

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Stardust Rising: The Art of Charles Vess

Stardust Rising will showcase work by the award winning and internationally known illustrator Charles Vess. The exhibition will coincide with the release of the major motion picture Stardust. Vess is a local artist living in Abingdon, whose talents have earned him international fame as an illustrator for comic books and ...

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From These Hills 2007: Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands

From These Hills is a major exhibition of new works by artists working in all media in Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Southern West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky. This exhibition is guest-curated by Dr. Howard Risatti, a renowned writer, art critic, curator, and theorist residing in Richmond, Virginia. ...

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Into the Wilderness: The Settlement of Virginia’s Frontier

With Wallace Gusler’s expertise as Curatorial Consultant, we are pleased to present the material culture of Virginia’s frontier in the 18th and early 19th century, including longrifles, other weapons, reproduction costumes, and illustrations. As English, Scotch-Irish, and Germans settled the New World, they gradually moved down the Valley of Virginia into the mountains and ...

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Animals in Bronze

Animals in Bronze: The Michael and Mary Erlanger Collection of Animalier Bronzes   From prehistoric Near Eastern art, to Egyptian, Greek and Roman art, and the undercurrents of the Renaissance, there has been fluctuating interest in animals as artistic subjects. The prominence of art depicting domestic and wild beasts re-emerged in the 19...

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Points of Viewing: The Paintings of Sam Morrow and John Sauers

Points of Viewing will showcase approximately 30 works by two of the region’s most quintessential painters: John Sauers (Darlington, MD) and Sam Morrow (Bristol, VA). The exhibition will focus on each of the artist’s individual perceptions of various regional rural scenes and how they employ their very different yet ...

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Rebis: New Paintings by Virginia Derryberry

Rebis includes 17 paintings by Virginia Derryberry, an Asheville, NC artist and Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Her large compositions fuse realism and portraiture with mythic content and alchemical symbolism. Her classically composed paintings include symbolic objects, colors, and narratives associated with alchemy but are ...

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Shaping the Earth: Iron Mountain Stoneware of Laurel Bloomery, TN

Iron Mountain Stoneware operated from 1965 to 1992 in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee. Workers formed the stoneware by hand, applying the glazes and decorations created by owner Nancy Patterson Lamb. In addition to a series of patterns Iron Mountain Stoneware produced, Sally Patterson painted one-of-a-kind pieces and Jim Kaneko created unique sculptural forms.

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