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Summer Art Camp Registration

Summer Art Camp is a unique opportunity for children ages 5-12 to explore their creative side in a museum setting, where they can find inspiration in the works of art that surround them. For Summer 2021, WKMA is bringing back 2019's overwhelmingly successful camp, Modern Magic! Campers will explore old and new ways of creating modern magic by incorporating all the elements of STEM with the excitement of art!
  • NOTICE to William King Society and Family Members

    To register your child and receive a percentage off the cost of attendance, please call Amesha Whitt at (276) 628 - 5005 x112 or email at
  • Weekly Camp Descriptions

    2021 Spring and Summer Art Camp Scholarships are made possible by the W.A. Stuart Endowment Fund and the Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship Fund.
  • Science: July 5 - 9 , 10am - 4pm

    This week campers will use all the aspects of science to inspire and create works of art. Participants will explore chemistry, biology, botany, meteorology, and more as they learn how these processes influence and inspire visual art.
  • Technology: July 12 - 16 , 10am - 4pm

    Technology is an important part of almost everything that we do and there is no exception for art. This week campers will learn how to make art inspired by the technical world around them as well as using technology to create tech-savvy works of art.
  • Engineering: July 19 - 23 , 10am - 4pm

    We often forget to notice the art that is all around us. From architecture to landscaping, art works hand in hand with engineering to design the world around us. This week campers will be designing and creating mechanical objects and works of art that highlight the beauty around us.
  • Math: July 26 - 30 , 10am - 4pm

    It may be hard to see the connection between math and art, but the similarities are endless. This week campers will explore patterns, geometry, fractions, and so much more to create new works of art, as well as finding the hidden math in the visual world.
  • Early Drop Off , 9am - 4pm

    For $15 extra, drop off your child an hour early.
  • Late Pick Up , 10am - 5pm

    For $15 extra, pick up your child an hour late.
  • Early Drop off & Late Pick Up , 9am - 5pm

    For $20 extra, drop off your child an hour early and pick them up an hour late.
  • Scholarship Opportunities

    For information on scholarships contact Youth Education at (276)628-5005 EXT 112 or email
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