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Teen Summer Art Institute Registration

In this immersive camp, teens ages 13 - 18 will spend half-days (9am - 12pm) focusing on honing their craft in one major art-making discipline– drawing, painting, pottery, and digital imaging. Each camp will focus on the skills and techniques unique to each discipline: simple line drawings will become comic book illustrations, basic painterly strokes will transform into detailed compositions, balls of clay are molded into functional and beautiful masterpieces, and technology basics will be used to craft thoughtful and thought-provoking finished photographs.
  • NOTICE to William King Society and Family Members

    To register your child and receive a percentage off the cost of attendance, please call Amesha Whitt at (276) 628 - 5005 x112 or email at
  • Weekly Camp Descriptions

    2021 Spring and Teen Summer Art Institute Scholarships are made possible by the W.A. Stuart Endowment Fund and the Rosenbaum Memorial Scholarship Fund.
  • Drawing: July 5 - 9 , 9am - 12pm

    Teens will be introduced to various drawing materials such as pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, and digital drawing applications on tablets. Students will learn to use these materials in both traditional and unconventional, cutting-edge ways.
  • Painting: July 12 - 16 , 9am - 12pm

    Teens will use various materials and techniques to learn and enhance the practice of painting. Students will use materials that they know and love such as acrylic and watercolor paints as well as digital applications on tablets.
  • Pottery: July 19 - 23 , 9am - 12pm

    Teens will be introduced to both hand-built and wheel thrown pottery. Students will use various types of clay and glazes to learn the basics and beginner techniques to create their very own usable works of art.
  • Digital Imaging: July 26 - 30 , 9am - 12pm

    Teens will spend the week learning the basics of digital cameras, composition, photo-editing applications, and more.
  • Early Drop Off , 8:30am - 12pm

    For $15 extra, drop off your child half an hour early.
  • Late Pick Up , 9am - 1pm

    For $15 extra, pick up your child an hour late.
  • Early Drop off & Late Pick Up , 8:30am - 1pm

    For $20 extra, drop off your child half an hour early and pick them up one hour late.
  • Scholarship Opportunities

    For information on scholarships contact Youth Education at (276)628-5005 EXT 112 or email
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