Painting Flesh


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In this course, participants will explore the traditional methods of mixing skin tones while having open conversations about the implications of color, race, and skin. Participants are welcome to bring stories and educational discussions about social or scientific issues surrounding the intricacies of skin. Working with primary colors, the instructor will share methods for developing rich, deep, and complex skin tones with paint. While building layers of paint and conversation, participants will develop an abstract painting using flesh tones. 

Supplies needed (basic painting set-up):

Acrylic Paint or Oil Paint, oil preferred (white, yellow, red, blue)
1 medium stretched or sheet of unstretched canvas, primed (I prefer unstretched for those we will supply)
1 small masonite board, primed (8×10 or similar size)
Brushes (angled, flat, and filbert preferred)
Palette knife (cheap plastic will do!)
Mixing medium (optional, we don’t need to supply it)
Turpentine (if using oil)
Linseed Oil
Small jars or glass cups (for oil/turpentine)
Palette, palette paper, or wax paper

Painting Flesh with Lexi Hillman
When: Sunday, October 11 from 3 – 6 p.m.
Cost: $45 (non-members) $40 (members)
Where: Art Lab at WKMA (415 Academy Drive, Abingdon, VA)

Must register by October 4. For more information call (276) 628-5005 ext. 109.

COVID relate noted: We request that students wear a mask (if their health permits) in consideration of high-risk persons attending classes or working in the building. Class seating will be limited to allow for distancing. Thank you for your consideration

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