Homeschool Art Classes



Homeschool Art

This new series of youth art classes is designed to provide homeschooling students with an affordable, quality, and fun arts education. Classes will meet once a week on Wednesdays from February through April. All classes can be taken individually, but when taken consecutively provide a complete curriculum of fine arts knowledge and techniques. Students who participate in any Homeschool Art classes have the option to submit work to the Homeschool Art Student Exhibition that will be on display in the children’s wing of the museum in May. 


The registration fee is $10 per class.* All supplies are included. 

*A few select classes will have a $15 fee because the projects require more expensive supplies. 


Class Times: 

9:30–11 AM: ages 10–13 

11 AM–12:30 PM: ages 14–16+

2–3:30 PM: ages 7–9 


Each week, all three classes have the same topic and core concept, but projects are adjusted for each age group. 

If children are below the eligible age range for the class they have registered for we reserve the right to omit them from the class without a refund. 


Classes begin on February 1st and end on April 26th 

– Projects in February will be based on understanding composition and drawing

– Projects in March will be based on understanding color theory and painting.

– Projects in April will be based on three dimensional art and combining the elements of design.


February 1st: Space and Composition-putting the pieces together

– Project: Kandinsky collage

– Shapes are the building blocks for all forms in our artwork, but how do we put them together? In this class we will focus on arranging and compiling shapes as well as negative and positive space in a kandinsky-inspired collage.


February 8th: Line-guiding the eyes

– Project: Optical illusions

– Line can be used to guide the eyes like a tour through an artwork, and in this class we will be focusing on how to do just that by using line and implied lines to create movement in an optical illusion.


February 15th: Balance-visual weight

– Project: Monoprints

– Weight in art isn’t a matter of muscle but a matter of enthralling and exuding your audience’s attention. In this class we will learn what is heavy, what is light, and how to balance an artwork purposefully with reductive monoprints.


February 22nd: Proportion-drawing from life

– Project: Silly still life

– In this class we will be learning how to draw what we see instead of what we think we see, and then building on that to learn how we can adapt our portrayal of the subject matter to show our individual perspective on the world.


March 1st: Color Relationships-how colors interact

– Project: Alcohol Ink galaxy painting

– In this class we will be continuing our study of color and how colors interact by experimenting with alcohol inks.


March 8th:Color mixing-creating colors and building palettes

– Project: Mixed feelings portrait

– In many ways colors have relationships like humans do, they can be at war, in harmony, happy, sad, angry, and playful, and in this class we will be learning how to build color palettes that showcase what we want our artwork to feel like through creating a self portrait that portrays the combination of two opposite emotions.


March 15th: Introduction to painting-picking up the paintbrush

– Project: Van Gogh landscape painting

– In this class we begin our venture into the world of painting by taking our supplies outside to create a van gogh-inspired landscape. We will be discovering what techniques work best for which kinds of paint and how to choose which paint brush to use for the desired effect.


March 22nd: No class due to Arrowmont Artreach on the Road program at WKMA


March 29th: Watercolor-learning technique

– Project: Stained glass watercolor painting

– Watercolor is popular for its unique appearance and for the depth of color that can be achieved through working in layers of light, translucent paint. In this class we will begin learning about watercolor by talking about how it differs from paints that we have used before and what that means for the techniques that we use while creating a stained glass inspired watercolor painting.


April 5th: Watercolor continued-practice what we’ve learned

– Project: En Plein Air mountain painting

– With some understanding of watercolor under our belts, in this class we will be focusing on layering, value, and erasing while taking inspiration outside from the beautiful Appalachian mountains. 


April 12th: Texture painting-coming off the canvas

– Project: 3d swinging vines painting

– Texture can be achieved in a painting through many different techniques and in this class we will explore several techniques as well as mediums that can be used to achieve a “coming off of the canvas” effect. 


April 19th: Sculpture-working with clay

– Project: Leaf impression pinch pots

– In this class we will be embarking on a new journey working in 3D and we will learn what it means to make an artwork that can be observed on all sides by working with clay to create a pinch pot with leaf and flower impressions. 


April 26th: Mixed Media-medium matchmaker

– Project: Mixed Media creation

– In this summative class we will be taking all of the skills that we have learned and putting them to use in an open concept project centered around a one word theme of the students choosing.