Digital Camera Crash Course 


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Digital Camera Crash Course

12/9/23 (snow day 12/16)


$55 members, $65 non-members

NOTE: Canon Rebel DSLR cameras available for use during class for those without cameras and who want to learn more before purchasing a camera.

Are you feeling intimidated by your camera’s settings, stuck in auto mode since day one? Unlock the full potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera with this comprehensive 3-hour crash course by Briana Fillers, hosted at the William King Museum of Art. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a hobbyist looking to refine your skills, you’ll learn how to take control of your camera using its manual settings to elevate your photography.

Bristol-based, award-winning photographer, Briana Fillers, will be your guide, drawing upon her own experience of liberating her camera from auto mode back in 2010. Briana will help you understand how to adjust settings on your specific DSLR or mirrorless camera to change your photos’ brightness and clarity, allowing you to finally create photos that look just the way you want. Briana will also offer a glimpse into the contents of her camera bag, providing you with valuable tips and tricks accumulated from over a decade of professional experience. At the end of the crash course, you’ll put theory into practice with a short hands-on shooting session that will help you leave with the confidence to keep using your camera after the crash course is finished.

To ensure a high-quality learning experience, we’ve limited class size, so be sure to reserve your spot by [date]. Young photographers under 18 are welcome, but please bring a parent or guardian to join the fun. It’s time to embrace your camera’s potential – sign up now and start capturing images with confidence!


About Briana:

Briana Fillers, a passionate advocate for creating authentic brands and narratives, has earned over a dozen awards since 2010, spanning photography, graphic design, web design, branding, writing, and marketing. Her journey as an entrepreneur, which began in 2018 after a decade of working in marketing, fulfills her dream of helping individuals and businesses fulfill their missions across the Tri-Cities, Appalachian Highlands, and beyond