Exhibits Archive: 2019

Earthsea Imagined

Accompany dragons and wizards through fantastical landscapes in Earthsea Imagined. This exhibition at the William King Museum of Art is an opportunity to view world-renowned artist and local favorite Charles Vess’ fifty-six original illustrations for legendary novelist Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea saga.

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Steinlen: Cats and Steinlen: Humanity

Steinlen: Cats and Steinlen: Humanity features works by turn-of-the-century Parisian printmaker and illustrator, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen. The William King Museum of Art brings together exhibitions developed by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and University of Richmond Museums, offering an ...

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A Material World

“Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl.” Madonna, 1984 The 1980s were BIG. Remembered by many as a time of excess and extremes, this was not the case for all Americans. These photographs from the Richmond Times-Dispatch document a now legendary time in history. They also help us understand today’s ...

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Artist Travis Donovan works to uncover the hidden nuances present in everyday objects by presenting them as metaphors for self and place. Heavily influenced by Appalachian culture, Donovan collects, embellishes, and tinkers with mundane items in order to bring their meaning into question. He is particularly interested in exploring stereotypes of economic class and masculinity through ...

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Now Playing: New Forms in Contemporary Glass

The “drama of discovery” came to define the early days of the Studio Glass movement as artists transitioned the material of glass from functional object to sculptural. Now Playing: New Forms in Contemporary Glass examines where the dramatic element of glassmaking is leading artists working today. ...

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In Conversation: Inspired Furniture Then and Now

In Conversation: Inspired Furniture Then and Now explores the legacy of furniture making in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. This exhibition features work by contemporary furniture makers in tandem with historical pieces from the region. Placing these pieces together opens the door for conversations about traditional process and stylistic form present in ...

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From These Hills

From These Hills: Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands is one of William King Museum of Art’s longest standing traditions. First held in 1993, this biennial is unique in its geographical scope and the number of important artists it has exhibited who live and work in Southern Appalachia. This year marks ...

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In Our Own Words: Native Impressions 2015-2016

In Our Own Words: Native Impressions 2015-16, on loan from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, highlights the lives of Native Americans today. This series of prints, produced by Daniel Heyman and Lucy Ganje under the guidance of master printer Kim Fink, was inspired by conversations with members of North Dakota’s ...

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By Native Hands: Selections from the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

By Native Hands: Selections from the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art highlights selections from the Native American basket collection of the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel, MS. Focusing on baskets from Native groups in the southeast, this exhibition provides a space to discuss environmental and political issues that continue to ...

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Elaine Fleck: Textures Interwoven

Textures Interwoven presents a selection of paintings that merges fabrics and oils into a unique representation of the natural world and how humans have an integral place in it. Part whimsical, part mystical, the paintings transport the viewer to a world beyond objects; a world of natural motifs and complex ...

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