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Interwoven: The Everyday Basket in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Not long ago, the containers predominantly used in everyday life in rural Virginia and Tennessee were handmade baskets. Makers constructed them out of a variety of materials, from the more familiar white oak to honeysuckle. They made baskets for their own use or to sell or trade with their neighbors. While most baskets were intended for ...

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Wide-Eyed Garden: Paintings by Leila Cartier

Wide-Eyed Garden is an exhibit of works by Leila Cartier. Cartier is an Abingdon native who studied art and art history at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and Temple University in Rome, Italy. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts at the School of the ...

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John Kingerlee: A Painter’s Passage

John Kingerlee is a 70-year-old British-born artist who currently resides in rural Ireland. Kingerlee’s expressive paintings are a combination of gestural brushstrokes and collage defining images that float between representational form and abstraction. This exhibition was originally curated by the late William Zimmer, former contributing art critic for the New York Times, and made available ...

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Pillars of Bohemia: Mullins, Houser, and Crookshank

It is no secret that the bohemian counterculture remains prevalent, if not completely dominating, in contemporary American art. Our local art scene is certainly not immune and this exhibition serves to pay homage to three of our most bohemian of native artists. Shawn Crookshank, Richard Houser, and D.R. Mullins have more than solidified their presence ...

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Buying Time: Clocks Along the Great Road, 1790 – 1870

In the early nineteenth century, Northeastern clock manufacturers engaged in fierce competition to develop numerous innovations: new methods of assembly, new types of relatively inexpensive clock movements, and new ways to retail their goods in the South and circumvent Southern lawmakers’ attempts to prevent their wares from flooding the market. This compelling tale of rivalry and ...

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J.C. Leyendecker: America’s ‘Other’ Illustrator

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874-1951) may not be as well known as his fellow American illustrator Norman Rockwell, but during his long career his work was some of the most popular of its day. Leyendecker produced illustrations for Collier’s magazine, The Saturday Evening Post

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From These Hills 2009: Contemporary Art from the Southern Appalachian Highlands

From These Hills is a biennial exhibition showcasing new works by regional artists. The 2009 exhibit, featuring 83 pieces by 37 artists, is guest-curated by Ray Kass, a painter and writer who lives in New York City and Blacksburg, Virginia, where he is Professor Emeritus of Art at Virginia Tech.

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Matisse, Picasso and Modern Art in Paris

In 1947, T. Catesby Jones bequeathed to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts his collection of modern painting and sculpture, focused on the School of Paris and represented by major figures such as Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Raoul Dufy, Juan Gris, Jaques Lipchitz, Andre Masson, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Georges Roualt.  

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An Educated Woman

Art is interlaced in the history of women’s education. Academies used it to refine girls into ladies, and colleges instructed women in it for beautifying their future homes. An Educated Woman salutes the artistic endeavors of the women students of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee and showcases ...

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Cohabitants: New Works by Heide Trepanier & David Mazure

Heide Trepanier and David Mazure go beyond reflecting their immediate external world by drawing from some inaccessible and otherworldly place. Trepanier paints with gestural and unpredictable splatters atop a seemingly infinite color field while Mazure draws with painstaking precision whirring and rolling forms, often directly onto the walls. Together, their large-scale works and immersive installations will ...

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