There/Here: Architectural Research Practices in Urban and Rural Virginia

January 31 through June 15, 2014
Opening Reception, February 6 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Price-Strongwell Galleries



This exhibition parallels two architectural research projects: Tyler King’s Richmond-based initiative, from which the exhibit takes its title, and Vivian Coletti’s extensive documentation of Washington County.

There/Here began in 2011 with a grant from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts to explore the past, present, and future of forty vacant buildings in downtown Richmond. For King, the buildings served as curated works within the confines of the city, and were documented in Richmond’s first and only online inventory dedicated to vacancy. To debut Coletti’s donation of her extensive historical survey records for the Virginia Division of Historic Landmarks to the William King Museum of Art, recently labeled the Coletti Papers, King will bring them into conversation with his Richmond-based project. Together, the projects parallel the approach of two architectural historians working nearly twenty years apart to reveal the evolution of research methods, as well as the relationship between rural and urban Virginia.

Tyler King, an Abingdon native, received a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University after a semester of coursework in Urbanism at Bauhaus – Universität Weimar in Germany.

Tyler King recently went on our radio show to talk about There/Here. Listen here.


Want more information on There/Here? Buy Tyler’s book NTHNG MSSNG here:

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