Dear Friend-

Despite recent challenges arising from the decline of the coal industry, WKMA continues to develop and implement essential and excellent programming.

However, we need your help to continue to bring world class fine art to an otherwise under-served area, provide award-winning outreach education programs, and preserve and promote the region’s rich cultural heritage. Will you donate today?

Much of our operating support has declined or disappeared altogether as government funding has been cut. WKMA kindly requests your support through a contribution to our Annual Fund. Without support from patrons in the community we serve, we cannot exist. It’s that simple. Please consider donating to support our mission. We promise to make the most of every dollar you give.

There are several ways to make your Annual Fund gift: by a one-time payment of a check or by credit card, or by installments throughout the year. We are delighted with and appreciate any way you wish to make your gift.

To donate, click the link below, or call 276.628.5005 ext. 108.







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