Patch Whisky Project Supporters

We want to acknowledge our enthusiastic supporters for the Patch Whisky Project. If you’d like to join as a funder for this project, check out our Kickstarter Campaign here.

$10+ Backers
Annabelle’s Curse
John Dean
Christine Manturuk
Ryan Monahan
Kimberly Evans
Emily Lachniet
Maggie Webster
Holly Williams
Mary Jane Miller
Jane Leidig
Lynn Manweiler
Amy Burchette Brunty
Kristy Woodall
Kathi Boatright
William White
Mark Ballard
Sarah Kim

$25+ Backers
Caroline Smith
Kyle Buckland
Matt Armbrust, Steve Ward, Jeff Winslow
Susan D Howard
Joanne Roberts
Beverly Miller
Lindsey Holderfield
Teresa Frazier
Benjamin Ferguson
Michelle Little
Tim Coker
Annette Poore
Carolyn Koesters
Elizabeth Tayloe
Deborah Barr
Mary Clayton Walker
Cynthia Yearwood

$35+ Backers
Raven Marin
Callie Hietala, Shadow in the Night
Candace Sykes
Denise Shaheen
Wadad Shaheen

$50+ Backers
Amy Ball Braswell
Clairise R Shaheen
Jessica Walker
Mitch Critel
Greg Meade
Frank Cardinale
Teresa Harless
Leila & Justin
Kathy Gibian
Richard Gibian
Eugene & Catheryn Sturgeon
Adam Justice
Mallory Fine Art
JT Cooper
Michele Goodbread

$100+ Backers
Ben Jennings
John Jeter
Robert F. Horsch
Carl Counts
Sean O’Sullivan
Brian & Marcy Miller
Don  & Ellen Elmes

$250+ Backers

$500+ Backers
Doris Schuman
Jan Foust Hurt
Steve Morris
Mellow Mushroom

Lodging for the artist provided by:
Susan and Rick Humphreys-A Tailor’s Lodging
Jill and Dave Dalton-A Creeper’s Inn Lodging

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