Panoramic Photograph by G. N. Wertz from 1915 of Abingdon On Exhibit Now

William King Museum of Art is showcasing a rare panoramic photograph by G.N. Wertz from 1915 of Abingdon. Stop in today to view this special piece of local History.


Bird’s Eye View of Abingdon, VA
G. N. Wertz
From the collection of the Historical Society of Washington County

G. N. Wertz was born in 1852 in Salem, Virginia. He Opened his photography studio in Abingdon in 1875 and remained there until 1924, when the structure was destroyed by a fire.

This photograph was taken in 1915, from the vantage point of Fruit Hill (or White’s Hill, as it was sometimes known), which is immediately north of Valley Street. The camera is looking south, almost straight on with the Martha Washington Inn in the middle. The large brick structure to the right of the Martha was the Old Post Office and Federal Building (torn down in the 60s), with Cummings Street to the right of that.

To the left of center and across from the Martha, one can see the building that now houses the Barter Theatre. Continuing east (left) is the square steeple of the Methodist Church, the spire steeple of the Presbyterian Church, the Greenway-Trigg House, and a side view of the Courthouse. All of these buildings remain standing on Main Street today.

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