Panoramic Gallery- Plumb: An exhibit of sculpture by Ian Peace Gamble

Panoramic - ArtistIanGamibill
Plumb:  An exhibit of sculpture by Ian Peace Gamble
Opening Reception October 5
th, 2017
Exhibit is open September 1
st –October 27th
Panoramic Gallery

Ian Gamble is a multi-media artist living in Madison, North Carolina. As a maker he toggles between many different roles: carpenter, potter, sculptor, and tailor.  He studied sculpture and ceramics at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

In this exhibit Ian Gamble studies the human abstraction of materials into units.  His interest in this subject is driven by the modern landscape in which we live.  Architecture, transportation networks and domestic objects positioned on the American landscape provide complex narratives to explore this world of acquired and altered materials.  His sculptures of dimensional lumber and geometric shapes explore the formal relationship between the natural environment and refined resource.  Other works playfully depict common tools and furniture. The objects utilize color and line to depict structures, vehicles and human subjects.  Oil clays inlayed directly into the bark of trees exist as abstractions of waste embedded in nature.  In this exhibition Ian Gamble is exploring one of many conversations between humans and the earth.    

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