2010 Radio Shows


12/30/10- A Look Back at 2010 at William King Museum (Replay)

12/23/10- A Look Back at 2010 at William King Museum (Replay)

12/16/10- Stump the Curators II: Art History Trivia

12/09/10- Stump the Curators I: Art History Trivia

12/02/10- Interview with Panoramic Gallery Artist Duane Cregger


11/25/10- Still Life in American Art Show (Replay)

11/18/10- “State of the Museum” Address

11/11/10- The Betsy K. White Cultural Heritage Project and Archive

11/04/10- Interview with Panoramic Gallery Artist Marlana Williams


10/28/10- Misteltoe Announcments with Development

10/21/10- Interview with Betty Clark

10/14/10- Interview with Pat Jessee (Replay)

10/07/10- Cabinet interview with Elyse


09/30/10- Interview with Carole Blevins

09/23/10- Interview with Jordan Mullins for Meditations on Minimalism

09/16/10- Interview with Leila about Thinking Postmodern

09/09/10- Interview with Theresa Markiw

09/02/10- Still Life Show


08/26/10- Interview with Kathy Gibian about Education Department


08/12/10- Talking with Gabriel Shaffer

08/05/10- Interview with Panoramic Gallery Artist Garrett Edwards


07/29/10- Interview with Elyse Gerstenecker  on A Cabinent of Curiousities

07/22/10- Interview with Kathy Gibian about Art Show During the Festival

07/15/10- Interview with Hedie Trepanier about Cohabitants Exhibit

07/08/10- Interview with David Mazure about Cohabitants Exhibit

07/01/10- Inteview with Val Lyle


06/24/10- Interview with Pat Jessee

06/17/10- Interview with Megan Van Deusen about the Subject of Being

06/10/10- Interview with Local Artists Adelaide Moss and Kyle Buckland

06/03/10- Interview with Gabriel Shaffer


05/27/10- Interview with Elyse Gerstenecker, Curator of Decorative Folk Art

05/20/10- Talking with Marcy Miller, Executive Director

05/13/10- The Subject of Being with Megan Von Duesen and Grabriel Shaffer

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