Our newsletters showcase what’s going on at the Museum and what to expect in the upcoming months.

March 2014 News

February 2014 News

January 2014 News

From These Hills: November & December Newsletter 2013

Great and Small: September & October Newsletter 2013

European Modern: July & August Newsletter 2013

UnShelved: May & June Newsletter 2013

Quilt National: March & April Newsletter 2013

Fantastic Mechanics: January & February Newsletter

Mistletoe Market: November & December Newsletter

Dali Illustrates the Divine Comedy: September & October Newsletter

reDomestication: Ceramics by Birdie Boone: July & August Newsletter

Shining Light: Folk Artists Nancy Johnson and Minnie Ma Scyphers: May & June 2012 Newsletter

Color Me Bad: Animation, Pop, Satire: March & April 2012 Newsletter

Dress-Up: A Regional Portrait of Childhood: January & February 2012 Newsletter

Black Mountain CollegeNovember & December 2011 Newsletter

From These Hills/ Misteltoe Market: September & October 2011 Newsletter

Virginia Rocks!: July & August 2011 Newsletter

Paper Forest: May & June 2011 Newsletter  

Goya, Dali, Warhol: March & April 2011 Newsletter

Mischief-Making: January & February 2011 Newsletter

The Subject of Being: Fall & Winter 2010 Newsletter

Matisse, Picasso, and Modern Art in Paris: Winter 2009 & 2010 Newsletter

J.C. Leyendecker: America’s ‘Other’ Illustrator: Summer & Fall 2010 Newsletter

Happy Birthday Fields-Penn 1860 House Museum: Spring 2010 Newsletter

John Kingerlee: A Painter’s Passage: Summer 2009 Newsletter

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