Mapping the Cosmos: Jan Hurt and a Constellation of Artists

Mapping the Cosmos: Jan Hurt and a Constellation of Artists
Opening Reception First Thursday, February 5 from 6-8 p.m.
February 6 – May 17, 2015
United Company Contemporary Regional Gallery


William King Museum of Art is proud to host this multi-media exhibition modeled after Jan Hurt’s many collaborative exhibitions from far and recent past- in particular the Tarot Card Art exhibition held at the Starving Artist Café in the late 1990s. Mapping the Cosmos began with thirteen hand-selected artists from the region who then asked one other artist to participate. The total twenty-seven artists randomly selected part of the Cosmos from a hat and were allowed to interpret their topic in any media they choose. The artists then sought out, in light of current knowledge or totally disregarding current knowledge, to re- imagine, explore, and reinterpret the Cosmos.

Carole Blevins
Nancy Brittelle
Leila Cartier
Shawn Crookshank
Stephen Curd
Tracy Ference
Kathy Gibian
Olivia Gibian
Lindsey Holderfield
Greg Howser
Jan Hurt
Perry Johnson
Barbara Kozero
Val Lyle
Aaron McIntosh
Pat Mighell
Lillian Minix
Peter Morgan
D.R. Mullins
Miles Polaski
Ron Sachs
Ralph Slatton
Eric Drummond Smith
Misty Stratton
Ray Stratton
Nadya Warthen-Gibson
koreloy wildrekinde~mcwhirter


This exhibition is sponsored by Johnston Memorial Hospital.
Johnston Memorial Hospital 2 color

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