School programs are available for pre-K through 12, both on site at the Abingdon museum and directly in your school.

Tour Plus

Ages: For All Grades

Cost: $10.00/student

Dates: Flexible Scheduling

Hands-on art activities and a Museum tour tailored to students in grades PreK-12 focusing on a selected topic

Projects can be designed based on a current exhibition or one of the following:

West African/Mali Storytelling Tradition – Chiwara Head Dress

Antelope Chiwara teaches about planting crops and responsibility to community.

Ancient Greek Culture – Red-Figure Vase Scratch Drawing

An updated red-figure vase compares our modern culture to that of the Ancient Greeks.

Portrait Detectives – Living Portrait

Students read and interpret clues about a famous American and tell their story using visual language.

Exhibition Exploration – Enhancing the Museum Experience

Students unlock the world of art through gallery discussions and engaging hands-on-activities.

Art Enrichment

Customized off-site program with hands-on projects designed to meet the needs of a wide range of both school and public audiences during a 90 minute lesson

VanGogh Outreach

Brings art directly to second graders three times a year with 90 minute lessons and hands-on projects which use visual arts to emphasize and review SOL topics

Outreach Summer Camp

(Locations in area participating host schools)
Please contact Lori Rouse for pricing and scheduled times (276) 628-5005 ext. 114

Summer Art Camp

Offers week-long day camps at the Museum, area schools and other off-site locations for students in grades PreK–12; Instructors lead campers in a variety of projects exploring both visual and performing arts

Youth and Adult Classes

Local artists and Museum staff provide classes for children and adults using a wide array of media including ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking and jewelry making.

Student Gallery

Provides regional art teachers the opportunity to showcase their students’ art; the department hosts an opening reception for these exceptional student artists

Guided Tours

Trained docents lead engaging one hour tours which can be tailored to the interests of your group. Rates start at $30 per docent with no more than 20 people in a group.

Teacher Workshops

Custom designed in-service opportunities utilizing art methods to enhance core curricula.

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