Employment Opportunities

Title of Position:  Outreach Instructor

Reporting Relationship: Reports to Director of Outreach Education

Please send your resume and letter of introduction to Lori Rouse at lrouse@wkmuseum.org or mail to PO Box 2256, Abingdon, VA 24212 Attn: Lori Rouse


Serve as teacher for the VanGogh Outreach Program, an initiative that delivers hands-on art education to public elementary classrooms in Southwest Virginia, using the study of ancient cultures, particularly the Native American, Egypt and China.  Promote and develop successful learning for students, perform instructional and related duties in accordance with policies and good pedagogy; guide students to express themselves creatively in visual terms, utilizing skills, techniques and material of artistic expression.

Provide consideration to the counties included in the program:  Buchanan, Carroll, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Smyth, Tazewell, Washington and Wise; provide services to the cities of Bristol, Galax and Norton; and consider Wythe, Grayson, and Bland counties as growth areas.

Distinguishing Responsibilities:

  1. Provide in-put in the development of prototypes and implement the written lesson plans for use within the program, consistent with the established format, and for approval by the Director of Outreach Education or the Education Director.

  1. Become knowledgeable about social history, geography, culture and art, through provided resource reading and use the information gained to plan program and classroom learning activities.

  1. Deliver hands-on art activities that address the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) in art, mathematics, science, social studies, geography, and language arts.

  1. Conceptualize, plan, teach and evaluate classes within the scope of the outreach program for both students and classroom teachers.

  1. Teach classes included in the outreach program, the in-service teacher workshops and any other assigned or designed programs.

  1. Provide instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciation, as well as the ability to make judgments about art.

  1. Demonstrate techniques in artistic skills such as drawing, painting and modeling, using standard and prepared instructional aids.

  1. Provide differential instruction, as necessary, in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil with varying intellectual and artistic abilities and to accommodate a variety of instructional activities; promote high levels of achievement in relation to individual student abilities.

  1. Establish and maintain standards of pupil behavior for an orderly and productive learning environment; communicate clear expectations of students and monitor student learning.

  1. Select and use techniques and methodologies appropriate to student instruction needs and levels; utilize current and relevant subject matter.

  1. Provide for the health and safety of students in all instructional settings, and take necessary precautions to protect students, equipment and materials.

  1. Ensure appropriate articulation, alignment and assessment of the written, taught and tested curriculum.

  1. Model personal behavior of honesty, fairness, courtesy and consideration.

Administrative Support:

  1. Provide rough draft of class schedules for each semester to the Director of Outreach Education by the required deadline.

  1. When making any changes in the confirmed schedule, instructor must inform the Director of Outreach Education in writing immediately.

  1. Provide Director of Outreach Education or Education Director with gas receipts, etc., maintain any appropriate accountability reports and use approved procedures for expenditures.

  1. Develop and maintain good working relationships with the classroom teachers and principals within the outreach program.

  1. Maintain clean and in good working order, the assigned Museum vehicle and other equipment entrusted in care.

  1. Provide timely and accurate feedback regarding needs, problems or concerns to appropriate persons within the organization; provide written documentation.

  1. Maintain appropriate and pertinent classroom, school and service county information and records, as per policies and procedures, and inform the Director of Outreach Education or Education Director of any changes.

Department Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain and enhance, within the resources of the Museum, personal and professional standards that contribute to the Museum’s success as an educational institution.

  1. Communicate on a regular basis with the Director of Outreach Education and the Education Department as a whole, any relevant program information necessary to maintain a cohesive program in line with the Museum’s mission.

  1. Maintain all supplies, materials, tools and equipment needed for the respective programs; organize proper acquisition, storage and control of use; and complete repairs when necessary.

  1. Serve as an ambassador of the Museum and support the Museum’s resource development efforts.

  1. Provide coverage and necessary security of the children during on-site programs and activities.

  1. Work cooperatively and collaboratively with other staff in the Museum and the Education Department to plan programs, develop materials and advance the organization.

  1. Contribute to, and participate in, professional in-service educational activities and selected professional growth activities; keep abreast of and share current trends and research in instructional methods.

  1. Develop and recommend initiatives to broaden and increase effectiveness of the Education Department and the Museum.

  1. Assist in the Museum’s special events, art opening and community events as requested by the Director of Outreach Education or Education Director.

  1. Maintain and enhance productive working relationships with outside resources, such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia Commission for the Arts, the membership of the Virginia Association of Museums and other institutions and individuals.

  1. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Outreach Education, the Director of Education or the Executive Director.

Specified Summer Responsibilities:

  1. Contribute to the development of the program, and provide training and professional development for service to regional schoolteachers, including Summer Teacher Institute held at the Museum and on-going in-service workshops at the Museum and at the schools served.

  1. Contribute to the development, management and teaching of week-long summer art camps for school-age children within the geographic service area of the Museum.

  1. Assist in the planning and assessing of curriculum and instruction in content areas for preparation of the subsequent academic year of instruction.

  1. Contribute to the development and preparation of the annual program plan for the Education Department.

  1. Provide Director of Outreach education or Education Director with regular and timely updates of success of the outreach program at on-site locations.

  1. Organize storage areas and revise controls for use of materials, equipment and tools to prevent loss or abuse and to minimize time required for distribution and collection as per request by the Director of Outreach Education or Education Director.

  1. Provide inventory reports and assess all supplies, materials, tools and equipment used for educational programming as per request by the Director of Outreach Education or Education Director.

  1. Research and make recommendations for curriculum and educational programming for the outreach program (to include summer).

  1. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Outreach Education, the Director of Education or the Executive Director.

Please check back periodically for updated employment opportunities.

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