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We are hiring for two positions: Curator of Fine Art and Craft and Director of Higher Education and Adult Learning. See below of descriptions and requirements.

Position Title:  Curator of Fine Art and Craft

Position Description:
This position will conceptualize, develop, organize, interpret, and manage an annual exhibition program of historical and contemporary art and craft, exclusive of that which relates to the cultural heritage of the region made by hand during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  The exhibitions will be displayed in the United Company / Legard Galleries and the United Company Contemporary Regional Gallery.  All art will be cared for according to the highest standards set forth by the American Alliance of Museums within the scope of wall-to-wall responsibility that mandates care during transit, in storage areas and in our galleries.  WKMA is AAM accredited.  Approximately 8-10 exhibitions will be mounted each year.  Exhibitions will be essentially educational in purpose and content and will be developed with connoisseurship as a primary value in selection of artwork.  The majority of exhibitions should be organized by the museum with the balance borrowed from other institutions and constituting a whole program that strives to excellence and presents as interesting, engaging, and promoting of community. This position works in collaboration with the entire staff for the interpretation, related programming and classes, fundraising and marketing success of the exhibition program.  It works in concert particularly with the rest of the curatorial staff:  Curator of Decorative and Folk Art of Southwest Virginia & Northeast Tennessee, the Exhibitions Manager/Designer/Preparator, and the Registrar; and with the Director of Security and Property Management.  Additional responsibility will include participation in the curatorial process for the Level Three Panoramic Gallery for individual artists as well as any exhibitions or artwork on display or being considered for display in any part of the museum or in the Center for Studio Art & Education. This position will participate in the selection process for artists and crafts persons for residencies and apprenticeships in the museum and CSAE.  This full-time position reports directly to the Executive Director.

Specific duties of this position include:
*creating and managing 8-10 exhibitions  that reflect the highest scholarship, have educational merit and maintain a balance between historic and contemporary art and regional and national /international art and that is maintained with a schedule reflective of a two-year plan;

*developing a final checklist, with insurance values, for each exhibition at least three months prior to the opening date and working closely with the Exhibitions Manager to articulate object relationships and priorities for use in the design of each exhibition;

*assisting the Exhibitions Manager and Director of Security and Property in responsibility for the United Company/Legard Galleries; United Company Contemporary Regional Gallery and in all areas that store and display art;

*participating in all exhibition installations, working with the Exhibitions Manager;

*working in an ongoing way with the Curator of Decorative and Folk Art and the Exhibitions Manager to create an annual exhibition schedule that reflects a two-year plan and ensures a smooth installation calendar;

*serving as the primary staff contact for the Artistic Direction Committee, a standing advisory committee of the Board of Trustees;

*participating fully in the decision-making process for any other artwork to be displayed in the Museum, including the Panoramic Gallery, informal hallway displays and within the Center for Studio Art & Education;

*developing, in collaboration with the Manager of Tours and Community Programs, a strong related lecture series that promotes and interprets as well as enhances enjoyment of each exhibition, serving both as a lecturer and as a facilitator for outside lecturers;

*being responsible for all writing associated with each exhibition including interpretive materials, such as text panels, identification labels and other materials including gallery guides or catalogs, and working effectively and in a timely manner with the Museum’s publications department;

*maintaining the Museum’s library of art books, ensuring its organization and accessibility as reasonably possible;

*developing and managing, for approval by the Executive Director, an annual budget and work plan for the exhibitions under this position’s responsibility;

*creating an Exhibitions Report for each fiscal year within eight weeks of its close that chronicles visitor numbers, costs, checklists of objects, and related programs for use in the Annual Report and for the Museum’s running log of exhibitions;

*and other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references to Kim Brown, Assistant to the Director at kbrown@wkmuseum.org


Position Title:  Director of Higher Education and Adult Learning

Position Description:
This position will develop, organize and manage programming for high school age students through college level and adults.  It will develop programming that engages and builds audiences through a variety of on-campus activities that nurture an appreciation of art, creativity and artistic talent. Transformative workforce development is an underlying goal of this position, and it will, therefore, include programming designed to nurture art as a viable vocation in today’s creative economy.  Specific areas of this position include and encompass programming (classes, workshops, residencies, lectures) associated with the Center for Studio Art and Education, for which this position assumes principal management.  It will develop effective relationships for program development with appropriate and qualified individuals, striving at all times to keep the CSAE as a catalyst for the region’s new creative economy and a leader for it.   In order to develop programming that enhances understanding and appreciation of the museum’s exhibitions and collections, this position will emphasize research to gain a thorough and practical knowledge of all museum exhibitions and collections.  It will work closely with the curatorial staff as well as the Tours and Community Programs Manager to ensure a strong schedule of programming for public audiences related to each exhibition.  It will participate in exhibition planning, helping to ensure that exhibitions utilize the assets of the Center for Studio Art and Education when feasible, meet the goals of the mission, and strengthen ties to the community.  This full-time position reports to the Executive Director.

Specific duties of this position include:
*develop innovative programming that nurtures creative skills for high school (sometimes, when appropriate including middle school) and college students and that fosters an awareness of art and craft in its many forms;

*collaborate effectively in an ongoing way with high schools and colleges across the region to ensure the growth of programming for this audience;

*manage the new Center for Studio Art and Education as a lively place that engages the interaction between resident artists and students as an effective interchange of creative artmaking;

*manage the existing Resident Studio Artist Program within the main museum building ensuring that it is an effective asset for both the artists and the Museum;

*cultivate and manage a vibrant program for adults that includes workshops, residencies and ongoing classes, utilizing the resources the CSAE offers;

*develop and manage apprenticeships in craft, primarily for college students, utilizing the artisans working in the Craft Pavilion and working closely with area colleges;

*collaborate with the Curator of Decorative & Folk Arts to initiate and manage a Digital Humanities Fellowship program utilizing the Betsy K. White Cultural Heritage Project’s Archive and Permanent Collection;

*provide a consistent message through programming and the operating culture within the CSAE that reinforces the concept that art can be pursued as a livelihood as well as a source of life-long learning;

*and ensure that teachers and students maintain a consistent and effective bond for learning.

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references to Kim Brown, Assistant to the Director at kbrown@wkmuseum.org

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